Plan de Estudio


WHAT BILINGUALISM IS? "Bilingualism is the condition in which existing two languages coexist in one country and each is spoken by a national group that represents a significant proportion of the population" (Van Overbeke, 1972).

"Bilingual is the person who is able to encode and decode at any level, linguistic signals from two different languages". (White, A. 1981, p.51)

Thus, according to the use of languages other than the mother languages, they acquire the character of a second language or foreign language.

What is a second language?

It refers language which is essential for official business, commercial, social and educational, or that required for communication between citizens of a country.


It refers language which is not spoken in the immediate environment and local level, because social conditions do not require daily use for ongoing communication, a foreign language can be learned mainly in the classroom and, usually, the student is exposed to the language during controlled periods of time. In the Colombian context and scope of this proposal, English is a foreign language. (MEN. Programa Nacional de Bilingüismo Colombia 2004-2019, inglés como lengua extranjera: Estrategia para la competitividad. 2004)

STANDARS ACCORDING TO THE COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) has been produced by the Council of Europe and is in keeping with its goals of enhancing international communication, promoting mobility and increasing tolerance and respect for cultural diversity. It aims to provide a "comprehensive, transparent and coherent framework for language teaching".
Europe Council, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment. Digital Publishing on the Web: The Common European Framework divides learners into three broad divisions which can be divided into six levels:

A. Basic User
A1 Breakthrough
A2 Waystage

B. Independent User
B1 Threshold
B2 Vantage

C. Proficient User
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency
C2 Mastery